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Discover the opportunity that participating in hard money lending can provide investors.

Investments backed by property value

Happy Investments users participate in opportunities secured by the value of the investment properties

Fast Returns On Hard Money Loans

Due to the nature of hard money lending, returns are typically seen quicker than a traditional mortgage.

Thorough Vetting

A thorough background check, and inspection of the property is required in order to provide investors with capital for hard money lending. This provides Happy Investments users with an extra layer of security to their investments

Great wealth is created in great opportunity. Hard Money Lending is that opportunity.

Hard Money Lending Investments are now open to investors through the Happy Investments.

Happy Investments is a platform that allows accredited investors to take part in crowdfunding the sale of working capital for investors to conduct a real estate purchase.

For real estate investors, having a reliable source of capital is pivotal to the success of an opportunity. When someone does not meet the requirements for a traditional mortgage, whether it be due to occupation, credit scores, or other factors that make up a traditional mortgage deal, they often need to secure capital via a hard money loan.

Happy Investments is inviting accredited investors to take part in providing this funding to investors in return for a portion of future returns.


What's a mortgage APR?

Your annual percentage rate, or APR, is one of the many costs that comes with a mortgage. While your mortgage’s interest rate is the annual cost to borrow money (expressed as a percentage), your APR takes other fees and charges into account.

Your APR includes the loan’s interest rate, any mortgage points you purchase, and lender and broker fees. Looking at your APR can give you a picture of the true cost of your mortgage.

A mortgage’s APR is usually more than its interest rate.

What are mortgage fees?

Charging fees is one way that lenders make money off mortgage loans. Mortgage fees should be listed on your closing documents and may include the following:

Origination fee
Application/processing/administrative fee
Underwriting fee
Points fee
Appraisal fee
Inspection fee
Attorney review fee
Private mortgage insurance
Homeowners insurance
Title search or insurance fees
Survey fee
Prepayment penalty

What are different types of mortgage loans?

The most common type of mortgage loan is a conventional loan. Other types are backed by the Federal Housing Administration or are from a special program such as the Veterans Administration or the USDA.

Most mortgages are conventional, meaning they’re not part of any specific government program — though they’re still subject to federal mortgage laws. Conventional loans typically cost less than FHA loans, but it may be harder to qualify for a conventional loan.

The FHA regulates and insures FHA loans, and private lenders make the loans. FHA loans allow you to borrow with a lower down payment and generally with lower credit scores. But you may be limited on how much you can borrow through an FHA mortgage.

Special home loan programs are tailored for certain groups. For example, VA loans are for veterans, military service members or surviving spouses, while USDA loans are for lower- or middle-income borrowers in rural areas.

What documents do I need for a mortgage?

Each lender will have its own requirements for what documents to submit when applying for a mortgage. But here’s the info you’ll generally need to provide.

A month’s worth of paystubs
W-2s for the past two years
Your federal income tax return for the past two tax years
Proof of income
Recent bank statements
Proof of your down payment amount, such as a savings account statement
Documentation of a name change (if you’ve recently changed your name)
Identification, such as a driver’s license
Your Social Security number
A certificate of housing counseling or home-buyer education (if you have one)

Will mortgage rates go down?

It depends — mortgage rates are generally influenced by the prime rate. Many banks base their prime rates on the federal funds rate, which is the rate banks charge each other for short-term loans. When the Federal Reserve changes the federal funds rate, mortgage interest rates can react and go up or down.

But a lower (or higher) prime rate doesn’t necessarily determine the mortgage rate you’ll qualify for. Your credit scores, the type of loan you’re seeking, the price of your home and how much down payment you can afford can also affect your mortgage rate.

Here’s why

Our continuous effort is to provide unique investment opportunities to Happy Investments users.

A majority of real estate investors will eventually need additional working capital in order to complete a purchase on a property. A hard money loan is a way to quickly access additional capital on a property that currently holds value.

The Hard Money Lending Investment Opportunity

  1. Hard money lending is a necessity to a majority of real estate investors.
    The hard money lending industry is gradually increasing over the years.
  2. gradual increase in the need for hard money lending.
  3. A hard money loans interest rate typically ranges from 12-21% (much higher than a traditional mortgage).

As the need for housing continues to expand, a surge of investors are expected to enter this market. Like many investors, this market will always have a need for quick capital to help secure an investment.

Hard money lending provides immediate working capital to help investors either purchase a property, or purchase necessary repairs for that property. Offers provided to investors are based on the overall value of the property.

By participating in hard money lending, you are essentially syndicating on the loan provided to the investor. Hard money lending deals are secured via the value of the property. An inspection is required for all deals in order to confirm the projected value of that property.

Investment Platforms For Hard Money Lending

Technology and more easily accessible information is changing the platform in which investments are being made. Platforms for alternative investing are opening up new methods of investing that were previously extremely privately held.

Not only is accessibility increasing, but the cost is decreasing. These platforms are decreasing the minimum amount of investments, which can be more practical for some investors.

Platforms like Happy Investments are connecting investors to hard money lending opportunities.

Unlike previous forms, this platform mitigates risk extensively. Our background checks and inspections provide a thorough look into the property we are providing the hard money loan for.

At Happy Investments, Matches are highly personalized according to risk tolerance and specific preferences with things such as loan term lengths. Professionals take it all into consideration to find the best fit funder and business for the investor.

To become a Happy Investments user, you do have to be an accredited investor to sign up for crowdfunding opportunities. All you have to do is fill out a basic application, then complete a risk assessment, receive a background check , determine how much of your investment you want to allocate to credit card acquisitions, and then receive the return in just a few days.

Additionally, Happy Investments offers 24 hour transparency with your funds, and funding can be removed at any time. Credit Card Acquisition has never been more easy, less risky, or as straight forward as it is now with  Happy Investments .

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